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Jun 13, 2017

What are Mortals?

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What are human beings, that you are mindful of them? To this important and all pervasive question various answers are given:
“Humans are part of the same family as monkeys, that learned to walk upright and discovered the use of intelligent speech.” Say the scientists, but is that all that humans are?
“Humans are units in the complex called society, cogs in the wheel of the state, pawns in the struggle of class warfare.” So say the communists, but is that all that humans are?
“Humans are masters of the universe. What we can accomplish is without limit and everything is put on the earth for our use as we desire.” Such is fairly common thought, and when we reflect on the wonders of human accomplishment its little wonder that so many think this way.

Jun 4, 2017


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Melissa Sevier tells about her experience when she receives the occasional newsletters from the first seminary she attended. Almost invariably, it contains stories of ministers who have birthed large churches out of nothing in just a few years, or who have turned dying congregations into mega churches. These are spectacular “wow” narratives, and she assume they are designed to make the graduates feel proud of the institution that educated them, and make them want to give their support. And there is nothing wrong with that. Melissa says, she is always impressed.

This part of John’s story takes place on Thursday, the evening before the crucifixion. They have shared a meal. Jesus has showed them an example of selfless love and service by washing his disciples’ feet. He predicted his betrayal and Judas has left. Jesus is preparing his disciples for his departure, death and resurrection. He is about to leave them and they are distressed. This is what the threat of loss does -- it shakes up our sense of safety and security.

The disciples probably asked themselves the question: “How can we keep the Commandments, our faith, and continue our struggle without the guidance of Jesus? It is a question we could ask of ourselves as the church today is traversing some uncertain and challenging times.

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Our faith community began in 1975 as a small ecumenical gathering of people who settled in the new Canberra township of Tuggeranong. We have grown with the Tuggeranong Community, and our parish centre is the hub for our work, as a place of worship, of gathering and ministry.

We aim to help people have life to the full. We welcome people into a our Christian community where they can connect with God, with one another and with opportunities to make a difference in our changing world.

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