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The 9.00am service is a welcoming group of people who seek a deeper faith in Christ. Our worship is based mainly on "traditional styles", though we tend to think that this description does not represent our openness to a richer diversity in worship. Communion is celebrated on the third Sunday of each month. Coffee and tea after the service provides the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of our worship in our daily lives and to share our journey in a friendly and supportive environment.

The 10.30am Sunday worship brings together a group of people who worship God in a relaxed and joyful manner. As well as Bible-based messages, the music is contemporary and lively at times. Communion is conducted on the third Sunday of the month. Each Sunday we enjoy fellowship over a cuppa after each worship service.

Monday, 7.30pm
Meditation in the chapel. A guided reflection to dwell on the things of the spirit.

The meditation service is taking a breaking during the June and July Winter period.

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Worship Arrangements
Date Preacher Readings Theme
24 July Rev Gary Whelband Colossians 2:6-15
Hosea 1:2-10
An adventure in cultural shift
31 July Rev Revita Mone    

In God's Hands - praying in partnership with churches around the world.

This week we pray for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama


Give thanks for:

Those who send money back home so their families can live.
Those who, like Christ, have endured humiliation, torture and death because of their embodiment of love, freedom and justice.
Continuing efforts by the church, civil governments, the UN and other agencies to create an enduring culture of peace.
The continuing beauty and richness of the land, and those who advocate its wise and equitable use.
The Latin American Council of Churches, especially its Mesoamerica Region, and its realization of a holistic mission of evangelism and social witness.
Pray for:

Those people who live with the hard realities of persistent poverty, hunger, malnutrition, homelessness and unemployment.
Farm workers and indigenous peoples, who are endangered by the loss of their lands and livelihoods, and those already displaced who seek shelter in land invasion communities.
Street children, especially in urban areas.
Women exploited in jobs where they are often treated as slaves.
Prayer: ‘God of justice’

Hear, O God, the cries of your oppressed people.
It is a fight between good and evil,
between justice and injustice.

Lord, make your light shine upon us,
and guide us by your Spirit,
for we are cast down, but not defeated,
afflicted, but not in despair.
This is not a fight against flesh and blood,
but against principalities,
against powers,
against the hosts of evil in heavenly places.
Come, Lord, free us from the yoke of oppression
that has been laid upon us!
It is as if we were in a dark tunnel,
but we know that in your light we shall see light.
Do not leave us in the hands of our enemies,
who have joined against us,
all those who selfishly seek their own good
and act violently, trampling over their neighbours,
so as to reach their goals.
They thus hate justice,
they wish to devour us, destroy us,
day and night they are plotting evil.
Why do you tarry, Lord, in making your power felt?
They put their trust in money,
in influence, in bribery…
But we, Lord, put our trust in you,
our salvation comes from you.
May those who desire evil for us
be confounded and put to shame.

(Mendelson Dávila Amaya, Nicaragua)

Loving God, I offer myself to you.
May my mind think of you,
and my eyes see the needs of others.
May my ears hear the cries of the world
and my voice speak of you.
May my hands work for your reign
and my feet walk on your path.
May my life be used in your service
and my heart love you more than anything else.
May the joy of the Lord be my strength to serve him
all the days of my life.

(Opening worship of the regional meeting of the Methodist Church in Latin America and the Caribbean, 11 May 2002, Panama)

Christ our true God,
risen from the dead,
whose tomb is brighter than any royal hall,
will have mercy on us,
and save us,
for this is a good God who loves us all.

(From a memorial service for Oscar Romero, El Salvador. Living Beyond Our Means, World Student Christian Federation, Geneva, Switzerland.