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Bill Lang

Bill Lang

Bill Lang is secretary of the church council and convenor of the communications group. He has been a regular preacher at TUC since he and Jenny joined the congregation in 1975. He is a presbytery representative, and a member of the Karralika outreach team and the Child Care Advisory Group.

Saturday, 12 May 2018 18:29

Our witness - the Mission's Church

Acts 1:6-11

You have to feel for the disciples. Jesus gives his followers a farewell message, and is suddenly lifted up out of their sight. There they stand, jaws agape, bodies frozen, stunned into silence and probably thinking: what on earth just happened!

And two men appeared before them - to bring them back to earth, so to speak:

Don’t keep looking up in the sky, just get to doing what he told you to do.

These final words of the Lord before being taken up, was to give the church a mission. That mission is to witness, in word and deed, what has happened among them in Jesus Christ. He has ascended, and commissioned His followers to be His witnesses, proclaiming the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Sunday, 08 April 2018 00:16

Seeing is Believing

Acts 4: 32-35 John 20:19-31
In this post-resurrection scene from the Gospel of John, we find the confused and frightened disciples huddled in a room waiting for... something. As we dig into this scene and the interactions of the disciples, we discover different layers of meaning for different communities: 
there is the message to the disciples; there is the message to the early church; and there is the message to us.

Sunday, 05 November 2017 12:25

God has chosen to work with us

It may have escaped your notice that 500 years ago on 31 October 1517,
Martin Luther nailed 95 theses on door of Wittenberg castle church in
response to the excesses of the Roman church of the day. His act that was part
of the start of a movement that shook the foundations of the church.

Phyllis Tickle is a writer on emergent Christianity, and she has suggested that
there is a momentous shift in Christianity every 500 years or so that reshapes
the church and activates it with fresh vision and energy.

Saturday, 05 August 2017 17:21

More than enough - Matthew 14:13-21

Facebook has many advantages, apart from being told when your friends are having coffee or their hair done. It is a way to keep connected with many interesting things in our world. Every day I get a post from the Michael Leunig Appreciation Group, and last week, one cartoon was about table restaurant legs – “The old ways … the true ways”.

Monday, 15 May 2017 09:47

The Way, the Truth, the Life

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through me.

Jesus’ response to Thomas’s assertion that they (the disciples) could not possibly know the way to where Jesus was going has left us with one of the most memorable verses in the New Testament.

This section of John’s gospel has comforted mourners, inspired songs and billboards, and raised expectations of success through prayer.

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Quote for today

...But you know Him, for He lives with you, and will be in you. John14:17

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About Our Church

Our faith community began in 1975 as a small ecumenical gathering of people who settled in the new Canberra township of Tuggeranong. We have grown with the Tuggeranong Community, and our parish centre is the hub for our work, as a place of worship, of gathering, fellowship and ministry.

We come together for authentic and Christ-centred worship. While we worship in a variety of styles, we share a common focus on faithfully listening for God’s Word and sharing His kindness and compassion with others. We express our love for God and others through a range of ministries, and connections with our community.

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