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Margaret Middleton

Margaret Middleton

The Rev Margaret Middleton is a retired Uniting Church minister. She occasionally provides supply ministry in the wider church but leads worship in TUC regularly. 

Margaret also supports our work by leading several groups of people seeking to grow and deepen their faith. She is a member of the Karralika outreach team and is a member of the Presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee.

Sunday, 25 February 2018 15:34

It isn't fair

Mark 8:31-38

"It's not fair!" You often hear children yelling at their parents or even grandparents when they’re asked to keep their bedroom tidy or turn off the iPad and do homework or help with the dishes and so on.

But when you think about, there is some truth in their protest - lots of things in life aren't fair. It doesn’t seem fair to be crippled with arthritis or Parkinson’s disease or cancer or any other debilitating disease for example.  Some will be stoic and say “Oh well its my cross to bear” when such things happen. But these are not God-given problems: they are part of the human condition and our faithful God enables us to go forward with grace and dignity.

Sunday, 04 February 2018 22:25

Moving forward in hope and trust

Isaiah 40:21-31 Mark 29-39 1 Corinthians 9: 16-23 

One day a young girl found the egg of a wedge tail eagle and took it to the chook pen on her family's farm. One of the hens sat on it, keeping it warm until, at last, it hatched. The baby eagle found itself amidst the chicks and imitating the mother hen, followed their lead; clucking and pecking and only flapping his wings occasionally. As the days passed, the physical differences between himself and the chicks became more and more noticeable. Yet it never entered his head that he might belong elsewhere. He never dared to set his wings free. One day an adult eagle saw this young eagle in the chook pen, scratching in the dirt and clucking like a chicken. The majestic eagle swooped down and landed near him and said, "Why are you pecking here in the dust when you could be soaring with the eagles?" 

The young eagle laughed saying, "You must be crazy. I'm a chicken. This is all I've ever known and this is all there is." 

Sunday, 21 January 2018 20:40

Who wants to change?

Who wants to change? Not too many of us I suspect. However, change is all around us. For example: How often do go to a branch of your bank these days? Bank offices are pretty hard to find because of on line banking. How much small change do you have in your pocket? If you are like me, not much because debit cards are much more convenient.

Monday, 25 December 2017 16:52

From little things big things grow

Here we are. Christmas Day 2017.  Almost time to leave behind the mad rush of the season which seems to get madder with each passing year. How you feeling? Do you feel like celebrating?

Perhaps you are sighing in relief because now there is time to relax - at least for a few days! Hopefully you do feel like celebrating and enjoying the day with family and friends even if that means putting on a silly hat and telling equally silly jokes.

However, for some, it must be acknowledged the day may be tinged with loneliness or disappointment. For some there will dread rather than joy because of the fear of violence or perhaps an impending separation or loss of a job.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017 12:35

The Parable of the Corrupt System

Here’s a scary thought….Christmas is not very far away.  And, the liturgical year finishes next Sunday. Then it’s Advent!  So in many ways we are in end times. We are waiting for Christmas to arrive and theologically we are waiting for the coming reign of God.

Last Sunday Megan spoke about Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians in which Paul urged the little community of believers in Thessalonica not to be afraid or give up being faithful before Jesus returned. Paul, like Matthew’s community believed that Messiah Jesus would return in his life time. Many still wait for the physical return of Jesus but others like myself, are waiting for the day when God’s reign will be clearly seen.  Whichever way you think about what this means, the scripture passages that speak of God’s coming are very relevant to us in the now, but not yet, time.

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